oops! something happened...

oops! something happened...

Episode 5: Doing Dishes without Busting Your Back

your billa low-rider (kitchen sink), and you 

meet luka.  he's 6'10" and from finland.  he teaches arts and crafts in a daycare and lives in a billa.  interestingly, our only common language is k!xa so we are forced to visit each other with clicks and wails.  the giant tells me mostly of the horses and ferns he has raised in the hills.  he seems to be a quiet and simple person, and very content.  his only complaint as we converse over milk and vodka is that the kitchen sink in his billa is so low that it kills his neck and lower back when he hunches over it to do dishes.

badly enough, i myself know exactly what he's talking about (even though i'm like two feet shorter than the great finn).  doing dishes in my billa's low-rider sink hurts my back too.

anyway, enter billa 3M.  take a look below at how to raise your sink by 7 or 8 inches and feel normal again.  what you need is:

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a sturdy cutting board and a stainless steel basin.  just watch:

stick a sturdy cutting board over the sink, like so.

next, stick a big ol' bowl on it and fill it with hot water and soap.  this is your new washing sink.  the second sink on the left remains open as your rinsing sink.
note in the pictures that this is being done over a twin sink.  but if your billa only has one sink, you can just skip the cutting board and put the basin on the counter next to the sink (to get the same heightening effect) and have your regular sink for rinsing. Not only does this give you a drain for rinsing, it gives you a second sink! (single sinks can be a pain).

now you're all set.  just do the dishes as normal.  notice that luka can now stand straight up if he wants to, and can still reach the dishes!  no more grief here.
this method tends to produce a bit more splashing, so what you should do is put a towel on the floor under you.  
and when you're finnished, just put away the basin under the sink to get rid of it until you need it next.
oh- i should mention.  a big bowl like this could be expensive in a department store or supermarket, so what you could try to do is get one down at the open market (the outdoor market).  bowls are typically cheaper there.
That's it!  No pain.  Clean dishes.  Happy giants.

Smelly Billa  
why be sore?

Jo-Na-Dan-shi경기도  평택시, 2010
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  1. I just got to Korea and this is awesome. I found you because I ran into the clothes-drying problem. I am about to head to e-mart to buy a fan. I did not realize that my place was called a billa. Your sink area looks exactly like mine. Looking forward to the stretching-avoidance post.

  2. ben. so awesome to connect over billa issues. am overjoyed to help out. be sure to write if you run into more issues. thanks for the comments!

  3. oh, and ben... head back to the laundry drying post. i just left a comment there about how to find a fan (e-mart might not have them out on display right now since it's only march). good luck!