oops! something happened...

oops! something happened...

Episode 6: Singing in the Rain: Your Billa Shower and You

walking into his bathroom
betrayed the obvious:
the shower head.
good news for the 6'4" expat

meet livio. he's the only one of my cousins to have walked away from the sicilian mob without ending up at the bottom of a river. he now spends his days in a billa, making and selling leather purses. he tells me that life is much better in his little home, yet he can't quite figure out the infamous billa shower. in this billa interview, i asked him to explain the situation to me (but he only responded, in the classical foggy italian voice, "come. i show you.")
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walking into his bathroom betrayed the obvious: the shower head.

sure, i guess that such a low shower head can do the job, but you don't want to crick your neck all the time just to rinse your hair.

here's a freebie for you: in the bathroom accessories section in any supermarket you usually can find various suction-cup devices which allow you to hang/move almost anything you'd like to, all without screws or adhesives.  a haven for billa-dwellers.

pictured here is a holder for your billa shower head which fits onto your wall by suction.  just detach the suction cup piece and press it against the wall till all the air is pushed out, and then fasten it back together twisting the knob till it's tight.
check out the before and after shots below.

before                                       after

Does the trick.

Smelly Billa   

why be

Jo-Na-Dan-shi경기도  평택시, 2010
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