oops! something happened...

oops! something happened...

Episode 11: Help! I'm sick of eating the same few foods every day!

a reboot for your billa pantry

so there's this neat website online that i like to think of as a reverse cookbook.

you just input what you have in your cupboard and it gives you a list of compatible recipes.

well, i've been so bored with my routine food choices lately, so i thought, heck-
why not input my whole grocery store?!

surely the site will give me tons of new ideas to experiment with (and kill my food-boredom)...

so there i was -in my head- browsing every section of the lotte mart near my house and inputting EVERYTHING that came to mind... even foods i've never bought or ones i'd gotten tired of...

and then i went to costco -in my head- and entered the things which i can get there (e.g., oatmeal, cream cheese)...

it was about 150 items in the end...

and here's what i got: 
thousands of new recipes-
my own custom cookbook 
according to what is readily available to me!! 

so go browsing through your grocery store right now -in your head- and add everything you see.

and add even the stuff you'd never buy- you might be surprised how it contributes to your new custom cookbook!

enjoy experimenting with tons of new recipes!  

all you need now is a cooking instructor.  well, wok with yan has never gone out of style.  nor has the urban peasant.  enjoy cooking along with their terrific videos.

Smelly Billa


Shall we Dine?

jo minsu경기도 , 2011
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a little caution: after doing all the work of entering so many ingredients from your grocery stores into the website, the information gets stored in your cookies so that your list of compatible recipes is never lost.  this however means that if you ever cleared all your cookies that you'd lose your new cookbook and have to start again from scratch. maybe after inputting everything, take a screenshot of your ingredients list just in case.

credits: bacon, store, dishes.


  1. brilliant! i also love how "bacon" is in the credits ;)

  2. bobae's mommy ^^19 September 2011 at 14:12

    i love this!! <3

  3. karen did you ever watch wok with yan?