oops! something happened...

oops! something happened...

Episode 12: Translating Your Remote Control

venturing beyond the power, channel, and volume buttons

guys!  although we cannot reveal how, we have managed to secure an exclusive photo of a genuine english remote control for tv / dvd player / even vcr.

the best part is, is that it looks almost identical to smelly billa's official (non-english) remote control here in our studio.  could they be the same??

our preliminary tests demonstrated a remarkable 88% similarity which you are welcome to feast your eyes on by clicking on the comparison below.

compare the korean button labels in the image to your own remote control.  this should serve as a translation guide for you.  (assuming you can read a bit in korean.  learrrrrn it.  it's super easy ;)

click to zoom in.  these are our preliminary results.  if there's a demand, 
our underpaid translators have agreed to work on labelling the unclear 
buttons in the 3rd and 6th sections.

we trust this will help you navigate better through your billa tv / dvd viewing experience.  

and seriously guys- check those discount bins at the book stores here. you can find old goodies on dvd like pride and prejudice and gone with the wind. not something you wanna pass up!

Smelly Billa


want popcorn?

johnny random경기도 , 2011
this car stops for anne of green gables on dvd

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a little caution: maybe we made a mistake somewhere so use at your own risk... and carefully too so you don't tape over something you were wanting to watch later or like blow up a nearby car.

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