oops! something happened...

oops! something happened...

Episode 10: Help! My Billa Shower is Cooking me Alive!

controlling your water

many of us have had the same experience in our billa sink-showers: either screaming hot water, or the complete opposite.  you turn the faucet down to what should be "nice and warm", but the heater shuts off as there's not enough demand for MOLTEN HOTNESS.

where is the happy medium?!?!?!

right here:

there are settings on most billa thermostats which you need to adjust depending on the current season.
in winter, the boiler hot water heater needs to work harder, and for this reason there's a "winter" setting.  but if the winter setting is left on throughout the year, it is going to slowly cook you alive.
 so look for these words* on your thermostat (they are your seasonal settings)...

봄      spring
여름    summer
가을    autumn
초겨울  early winter
겨울    live lobster
       (aka winter)

note - don't confuse 가을 and 겨울 (autumn and winter)

...and set accordingly!
now if this doesn't completely solve the issue for you, i have also found that raising the shower head by about 12 inches also makes a difference because water cools the farther it falls.  smelly billa's own jo nadanshi wrote a useful entry for tall people (about raising their billa shower heads) and his instructions should help you just the same: here's the link.
let me know how it all works!

Smelly Billa


Why be Cooked Alive?

Johnny Random경기도  평택시, 2011
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p.s. speaking about lobster, you should know that you can find lobster tails in the frozen department at some larger grocery stores here! great for the occasional celebration, like birthdays in your billa. as you're thoroughly defrosting (overnight in the fridge), check allrecipes.com for a good recipe. 

of course if you have a fish market around, you can get a giant pot and go the route of the good swedish chef, but unless your town is quite near the seaside i don't imagine the "fresh" lobster will taste very fresh. :(

watch the clip and bask in good memories... 


  1. That's what they used to call me in college: "Molten Hotness".

  2. sorry, but that's MY name, mister.

  3. They used to call me Mr. Soggy Bum.

    -Michael J.