oops! something happened...

oops! something happened...

Episode 9: aggh! Sink-showers!

your billa sink-shower and you

so has this ever happened to you?  
can you count how many times 
this has happened to you?

once again mr. martin over at ROKetship nails it on the head, right on down to the ill-fitting green shower slippers. 

and it's even worse when you're already dressed-up and on your way out the door, but need to run to the bathroom.  turn on the sink and BLAM.  you're all wet, and mad, and need to change.  the blue jeans which just took 3 days to dry are now drenched and your cool hair-do ain't so pretty anymore.

wanna know how to get rid of this problem?

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let's play a game:

one of these things is not like the other...

yes, that's right.  one of these things is not the same...

can you identify which one is different?

well, in four of the pictures, the shower is turned off and the sink is safe to use.

but in one of the pictures, you and your work clothes are about to get hosed down like a hot elephant at the fair.


and whether or not the shower is about to spray you, the faucet always looks pretty much the same.

and that is the reason you're spraying yourself all the time!

as for me, after i adapted an idea for my sink from my mennonite uncle Jake, the sink shower has not once caught me unaware


just put a little red sticker on the thing...

two stickers together: CLEARLY means this shower is OFF
and the sink is SAFE to use
 (without getting sprayed)

two stickers separated: CLEARLY means this shower is ON and the sink is NOT safe to use (yer about to be soaked)

that's it!  

since using this method, i haven't gotten soaked once!  of course it still requires a glance, but it now is even easier to notice in the corner of your eye whether or not the shower is loaded and ready to nail you. 


Smelly Billa
~why get wet?

Jo-Na-Dan-shi경기도  평택시, 2010
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p.s. guess what, it also works for other things:
is your door locked or unlocked right now?  how 'bout your gas?  is it still on, or did you remember to shut it off?  locked or unlocked, off or on, there is little way to tell from these pictures...

but check it out.  two stickers together clearly tells you from a glance that you remembered to lock your door... 
from a glance:
clearly locked

yes, locking your door IS NECESSARY even in a relatively safe-feeling place like korea.  unlawful entry, violent crime, and psychosis actually exist here too, just like anywhere (it is just more hidden).

and two stickers separated clearly tells you from a glance that you forgot to lock it (or that it indeed is unlocked for your friends who are on their way over).

no more need to test the door, or think you locked it (but didn't).
from a glance:
clearly left unlocked
some locker knobs are a bit loose on some doors.  in that case, this sticker system would not be a very reliable one to use.  weigh the situation and risks for yourself and proceed if you think it'll work.  works great for me!

same thing with your gas.  no more blowing up your billa

from a glance: clearly left on
from a glance: clearly shut off

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