oops! something happened...

oops! something happened...

Billa Brief: ugly summer... not so ugly

well, it's ugly summer again.  that means two things for you and your billa:  nightly mosquito raids, and soggy laundry that just won't dry!

remember to eliminate both of these issues by checking out the following posts at smelly billa:

just click.

also, all this humidity might be causing black mould to grow in your bathroom and around your house   ~yes, that's what those black spots are on the wall  :(

so check out this post on how to eliminate black mould from your house (and prevent it from returning too!)

dry bum, no mosquitoes, clean bathroom.  ugly summer has not been so bad this year.

for all other things billa-related, check in at smellybilla.blogspot.com and browse the topics bar!

credits: image of mosquito; image of mould by bob blaylock at en.wikipedia; image of soggy-laundry bum by adriaen brouwer, 1631.

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